Leather Pouches, Purses, Accessories, Jewelry
hand made artisan leather goods

Leather Business Card Case - Carry 30-plus business cards
Banjo pick pouch fits on banjo j-hook
Cell phone sleeves fit smart phones
A DYI mystery braid kit with ready to wear bracelet
Business Card Case
Banjo Pick Pouch
Cell Phone Sleeve
Kit - Mystery Braid Bracelet
Jewelry Pouches - for special gifts, jewelry storage, presentation pouches
Rosary and Prayer Bead Case for storage and protection.
Rosary or Prayer Bead Case
Presentation Storage Jewelry Pouch
Pocket watch fob strap - braided deerskin leather
Key ring clip-on pouch holds 8 quarter, guitar picks, more
Case for pocket watch or compass
Watch Fob Strap
Key Ring Pouch
Compass - Pocket Watch Belt Case
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Small leather drawstring coin purse
Zippered Coin Purses - Two Sizes
Drawstring Coin Pouch
Zippered Coin - Two Sizes
Wallet Small Clutch - soft hand stitched leather
Small soft wallet for front pants pocket
Small Soft Pocket Wallet
Wallet/Clutch - Larger
Neck Pouches
All deerskin neck pouch on hand braided cord
Neck pouches - bead button closures
Tiny Drawstring Necklace Pouches - Three Sizes
neck pouch features agate focal bead
Neck Pouch with Handbraided Cord
Button Flap Closure Neck Pouch
Tiny Drawstring Necklace Pouches
Agate Pendant Necklace Pouch
Tiny neck pouch with snap flap closure.
Small button flap necklace pouch with pewter stars
Graceful bead necklace features little deerskin neck pouch
Tiny Pouch with Stars Necklace
Glass Bead Necklaces with Drawstring Pouches
Snap Flap Closure Neck Pouch

Hand stitched deerskin pouch with hand burned bear
All deerskin round flat bottom hand stitched pouch
All deerskin hand stitched drawstring pouches
Deerskin with Bear Patch
Round Flat Bottom Bullet or Marble Bag
All Deerskin Drawstring Pouch

Drawstring leather pouches - strong pouch with brass beads on drawstrings
Old fashioned leather drawstring pouch
Round flat bottom leather bullet marble bag, hand stitched
Leather pouches with hand made Wawina Willow beads
Tough leather ammo or money bag - secure matching drawstring slide closure
Double Drawstrings with Brass Beads
Old Fashioned Pouches with Leather Drawstrings
Flat-Bottom Bullet Marble Bags
With Our Own
Wawina Willow Beads
Ammo or Money Bags with Leather Slide Stops
Small leather bags - several little sizes, three colors, hand stitched
Tobacco style pouches - fully lined lint free leather pouch
OhBoyd Leather's most affordable pouches - five useful sizes
Small Hand Stitched Leather Bags
Tobacco Style
Leather Lined Pouches
Our Most Affordable
Leather Pouches

Clip on zippered belt bag, hip bag for motorcycle and bike riders, hikers, shoppers
Field Bag - Cross body hand stitched bag
Drawstring leather pouch purse with two pockets
Hip Pouch for
Hikers, Riders, Shoppers
Field Bag
Cross-Body Bag
Drawstring Pouch Purse
Larger purse pouch- soft leather, lined and gusseted
Flat bottom drawstring purse - leather shoulder bag
A cell phone case, shoulder purse for day or evening.
Large Lined Three Color Pouch Purse
Flat Bottom
Shoulder Bag
Smart Phone Case
Shoulder Cross Body Bag

Sturdy woven deerskin wrist or ankle bracelet for man or woman
Leather slim wrist bands with quality clasps
Slim leather wrist bands with quality clasps
Comfortable deerskin necklace with glass focal beads
5-Strand Woven Deerskin
Slim Leather Band
Tiny Black Seed Beads
Slim Band
Inlayed Silver Beads
Hand Braided Lariats
Glass Focal Beads
Round braid deerskin and leather bracelets with tiny seed beads
Braided Bracelets with Tiny Seed Beads
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