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Gifts, Souvenirs, Jewelry
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Peruse the six sections of our online catalog of handmade drawstring pouches, cases, purses, and other leather goods. Most of our unique leather items are offered in several sizes and colors, plus many of them are available in custom sizes.
USA Artisan Crafted - Wawina, Minnesota

 What you will find
in each of these
Drawstring Pouches

A variety of top quality machine sewn and hand stitched pouches made of soft strong genuine deerskin and cow leather. Several shapes and sizes - plain and fancy.
Leather Accessories

Pouches and cases for cell phones, plus coin purses and soft wallets, small neck purses, hiker-biker clip-ons, travel items, zippered bags, and tobacco pouches.
Purses &
Possibles Bags

Useful and unique leather bags and cases for shopping and traveling.

What you will find
in each of these
Medicine Bags/
Neck Pouches

Spiritual Pouches - A selection of little deerskin bags, stitched by hand, to wear or hang anywhere. Meant to hold any small items of inspirational significance.
Gifts, Souvenirs
Useful pocket/purse items, key fobs, guitar and banjo pick pouches, unique souvenirs. Jewelry
Our favorite Oh!Boyd
Jewelry designs.

In the Drawstring Pouches Catalog Section
find these ready-to-ship hand stitched pouches featuring our own "from the woods" Wawina Willow Beads.

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