Leather Accessories, Misc
by Oh!Boyd

Rosary Cases, Prayer Bead Cases by OhBoyd Leather Goods
Braided Leather Watch Fob Straps by OhBoyd Leather
Banjo Pick Pouches by OhBoyd Leather fit on a banjo's J-hook.
Leather Rosary Case - For your rosary or other spiritual prayer beads - a special hand stitched leather case,
in 3 sizes and 3 colors.
Watch Fob Strap - Deerskin leather hand braided watch fob strap clips to your belt loop (or optional belt keeper) and your pocket watch. Other uses - key or ID badge holder or?
Banjo Pick Pouch - Tough little cases for your banjo picks. This pouch fits on the rim of your banjo - slide it onto a J-hook, holds a set of picks handy. Perfect gift for your favorite musician.
Leather Business Card Cases by OhBoyd Leather hold 30+ cards
Presentation Storage Jewelry Pouches by OhBoyd Leather - add special jewelry gift.
Cell Phone Sleeves by OhBoyd Leather are custom made to fit your phone.
Business Card Case - Hand stitched little cases for your business cards. Holds 30+ cards. Keeps your cards clean and in order, ready to present to your potential clients.
Presentation Pouch - Jewelry pouches for presentation and storage.
Present fine jewelry in a
special gift pouch. These soft deerskin pouches are lined with antit-tarnish cloth. Great travel accessory too.
Cell Phone Sleeves - hand stitched leather, suede lined are soft protection for larger slim phones. Include phone model and measurements for perfect fit.
Mystery Braid Bracelet Kit by OhBoyd Leather include finished bracelet to wear or take apart and re-braid. Includes instructions.
Key Ring Pouch by OhBoyd Leather - hold quarters, guitar picks, etc.
Pocket Watch Compass Belt Case - protective pouch for work, hiking, more.
Bracelet Kit - Top quality ready to wear deerskin bracelet comes with Oh!Boyd's
instructions so you can take it apart and use it to learn the mystery or
trick braid.
$7 and $8
Key Fob Pouch - Small hand stitched snap pouch with a swivel clip. Clip it anywhere. Holds a special small item like a stone or ring. Or use it for quarters or guitar picks.
To wear on your belt. These cases will protect your pocket watch or compass. Two sizes. Hand stitched, lined, padded.
$80 and $85
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