Flat-Bottom Bullet or Marble Bag
Hand Stitched All Deerskin Pouch
Lined - Strong, Lint-Free
by Oh!Boyd

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An all deerskin, completely hand stitched sit-flat pouch for bullets, rocks, marbles, more.
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Item #DPHSFBS001

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Hand made to last with strong top quality deerskin leather - all deerskin. It is a deerskin lined pouch, is completely stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.
The stiff flat-bottom of this pouch means it won't tip over.
Sturdily stitched by hand this all deerskin flat-bottom bag is fully lined.
Fully lined means it is lint free plus it's extra strong.
Not just for looks, these pouches will serve you for many years to come.

Flat-Bottom Round Deerskin Leather Bag
Made the Old Way - Completely by Hand

These pouches are great regalia for the marble enthusiasts and buckskinner or black powder folks. They are also perfect containers for special stones, coins and such.

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The interesting shape and hand stitching make them great display pieces, plus the flat bottom means your old time bullet or marble pouch will sit flat even when open and your bullets, marbles, etc. will not tumble.

A completely handcrafted all-deerskin pouch stitched with authentic looking (very strong nylon) sinew. Fully lined with an additional layer of smooth deerskin for lint free protection of fine items and for extra strength for heavier items.

Tough double-thick matching drawstring with secure-close slide stop.

The strong tying thong allows pouch to be displayed anywhere - even on you!

Colors: Traditional Smoke with Light Brown Lining
Size: 3-inch diameter x 6-inches tall

These items usually ship next business day.
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