Leather Cell Phone Sleeve
Hand Stitched Open Accessory
Fits Larger Smart Phones
by Oh!Boyd

These items ship in
3-5 business days.
Furnish cell phone dimensions, and I will make a custom hand stitched leather sleeve for you.
We will need exact measurements of your phone including any covers - length, width, depth,
and girth (circumference).

Depending on sleeve size, price may vary.
Dark gray leather cell phone sleeve.
Cell phone sleeve - wine color.
Hand made to last with strong quality soft cow leather. Stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.

Protective and Attractive Smart Phone Accessory
For Man or Woman, A Soft Yet Firm Leather Open Sleeve for Your Smart Cell Phone

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This open pocket is made of soft cow leather. It is lined with another layer of soft lint-free suede. And it is completely hand stitched - Oh!Boyd style.

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Worried about your smart phone collecting dirt and dust? Afraid you might mark up that large screen on your handy dandy cell computer, or worse yet, scratch that camera lens? This soft open pocket pouch is perfect protection for your smart phone while still allowing it to be quickly accessed.

Cow leather outer shell and smooth lint-free lining cow suede inside.

Custom Fit - Not too loose, not too tight!
Ships in 3-5 business days.
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