Leather Bracelets - Slim Hand Stitched
by Oh!Boyd

Slim leather bracelets, hand stitched with the tiniest of black seed beads.
Select Correct Size
(Your Wrist Size plus at least 1/4-inch)

Hand made to last with strong top quality cow leather. These slim wrist bands are completely stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew. The tiny seed beads are also strung and embroidered to the bracelets with the sinew. The "old silver" magnet and hook clasps are top quality, very sturdy.
Clasps on these leather bracelets are secure hook and magnet style.
These items ship in
1-5 business days.
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Hand Stitched Leather Bracelets
with Tiniest of Seed Beads

These slim 1/4-inch wrist bands feature a pattern of decorative stitching and the subtlety of wee matte black beads. One looks great all by itself. Try with your other bracelets and bangles too.

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A Quality Leather Jewelry Design by OhBoyd:
These bracelets close firmly with a stay-in-place antiqued silver magnet clasp. Besides the strong magnet, a set of four hooks keep the clasp closed. Easy to operate but nicely secure.

Leather Color: Tobacco

Sizes measurements are bracelet length. The leather does not have much stretch to it and there are no chain extensions. Adding an allowance of at least 1/4-inch or so to your wrist measurement will make for a good fit. For instance a 7-1/2-inch bracelet will fit your 6-3/4 to 7-1/4-inch wrist properly.

These items ship in 1-5 business days.
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