Drawstring Coin Purse
Small Pocket-Sized Gusseted Leather Pouch
by Oh!Boyd

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This small gussetted pouch is great for coins.
Item #CPD001
For secure closure:
Pull on the tough cotton cord drawstrings to cinch your pouch closed. Then wrap the excess cords around the back of the pouch and single tie them in the front.
Hand stitched little pouch is available in several colors.
Pull drawstrings to cinch pouch closed, then wrap around back of pouch and tie in front for secure closure.
Small drawstring leather coin pouches have many uses, make great organizers.
Hand made to last with strong quality soft cow leather, tough cotton cord, brass beads, stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.

Leather Drawstring Coin Purse
Small Pocket-Sized Gusseted Pouch

For Small Change and Folded Dollars -
Handy for Car, Poker Table - Sits Flat

Hand Stitched, Several Colors

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For Pocket or Purse
Ahoy, Matey! Add Some Coins and She Sits Flat When Open, She Does!
Pouch does have a pirate look, don't you think?
Aye, it's a tough little gusseted hand stitched rather roomy leather bag!

This drawstring leather gold doubloon purse sits flat, plops nicely onto the poker table or sales counter with just the right amount of jingle. Great for coins in the car, too!

Useful organizer for man or woman.
Use for coins or anything else you want to store in a tough little bag.

Pouch Size: 4 x 3-inches Open - Flat

These items ship in 1-3 business days.
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