Leather Drawstring Pouches
by Oh!Boyd

Cow leather pouches with double drawstrings and brass beads.
OhBoyd's old-fashioned leather pouch with leather drawstrings.
A sturdy hand stitched leather round flat-bottom pouch in two sizes.
These sturdy Oh!Boyd cow leather pouches are built to hold even heavy items like rocks, bullets, and marbles.

Here is our old-fashioned rugged bag with a leather drawstring. A modern day pouch that is suitable also for historic reenactment.

Round flat bottom bags sit flat. They are super containers for marbles, bullets, rocks, crystals, money, more.
$43 and $49

These tough leather pouches feature our own handmade beads.
Ammo or money bag in several sizes.
These useful leather drawstring pouches have many uses. They feature our own "from the woods" Wawina Willow Beads.
$53 and $65

This tough and useful "ammo" bag has many uses.
What is your ammo?
Special tough and attractive little bags.
Tobacco style fully lined useful small bags.
Small Size Pouches - Hand Stitched Little Leather Bags in six smaller sizes.
$15 - $27

Lint Free Lined "Tobacco" Pouches

Machine sewn tough leather pouches - our most affordable.
Our Most Affordable Pouches
Machine Sewn, Double Wrap/Tie Style Drawstrings

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Small groups of drawstring pouches at discount prices.
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