Leather Jewelry
Bracelets and Necklaces
by Oh!Boyd

Custom made herringbone weave deerskin bracelet.
Slim comfortable bracelet bands with black seed beads.
Hand stitched leather bracelet bands with silver bead inlays.
Here is an Oh!Boyd classic design.
5-strand herringbone weave deerskin.
Very sturdy with steel hardware.
Wrist or Ankle Bracelet Sizes.
For Man or Woman.
Slim hand stitched bracelets
inlayed with silver beads. Very comfortable leather bands that are suitable for man or woman.

Slim leather bracelets that are hand stitched and embelished with tiny black seed beads. Sturdy quality silver clasps. Comfortabe bangles.

Soft leather four-strand leather bracelets with seed beads.
One-of-a-kind lariat style necklaces with hand made glass beads.
An Oh!Boyd Jewelry design series of leather necklaces. Braided deerskin with artisan crafted glass focal beads by Lost Art Originals. Five available.

Braided soft leather bracelets with tiny seed beads intertwined. Several sizes and colors.

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