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Leather Bag with Double Drawstrings
Classic Style Pouch with Brass Bead Stops
by Oh!Boyd

Sturdy leather pouches close firmly with double drawstring, brass bead stops.
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$28 - $58

Hand made to last with strong top quality cow leather. These bags are completely stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.
Roomy drawstring pouches are ready to store and carry, protect special items.
Hikers, bikers, hunters, campers like strong leather pouches like these.
Use these pouches for bullets, marbles, special stones, more.
Carry along on a car ride, a bike ride, a hike in the woods.

Leather Pouches
Double Drawstrings
Tough and rugged soft cow leather,
hand stitched to last!

These are tough protective carry and store cow leather bags for all sorts of things including heavy items.

Use for bullets, marbles, rocks, special stones. Also makes a great money bag, cell phone pouch, belt bag. Perfect for hiking the trails and woods, biking, and camping. Collectors like them a lot.

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Strong cotton cord drawstrings with brass beads. First, pull the drawstrings to cinch pouch closed, then push the bead "locks" against the pouch to complete the secure closure.

The sturdy leather tying thong means you can wear your pouch or hang it anywhere. The back top of the pouch is reinforced with an additional layer of leather for good support.

Five Useful Sizes, Seven Leather Colors
Choose pouch size and leather color - Cord Colors Vary

These items ship in 1-3 business days.
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