Leather Pouches with Our Own Beads
From the Woods Handmade Beads
by Oh!Boyd

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A hand stitched double drawstring pouch with beads from our woods.
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Hand made to last with strong top quality cow leather. These bags are completely stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew. The hand burned wooden beads vary from pouch to pouch. The other beads are bone and/or horn.
A unique leather bag for something special.
Unique leather pouches in two sizes.
Hang these bags anywhere, even on you.
The beads on these pouches are burned by hand.

Leather Pouches with
Our Own Hand Made Beads
Wear, Display, Strongly Handstitched for Years of Use

Here are some useful genuine leather Oh!Boyd bags, made with top quality vegetable tanned cow leather. They are sturdily stitched by hand for years of wear. The top back of the pouches are reinforced with an additional layer of leather supporting the tough leather tying thongs which allow the pouches to hang or display anywhere - even on you!

Wearable art!

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Suggested uses: Slip the tying thong onto your belt and carry your essentials, maybe a phone, some money, your ID and credit cards. Or maybe you need a pouch for gathering stones on a hiking trail. You can use your pouch for storage or as an organizer and display it on a hook, dresser knob or post. They make good poker money pouches too!

These leather bags feature our unique handmade Wawina Willow Beads -- a harvested natural product from our woods here in northern Minnesota. The husband harvests, then drills the holes. Then I burn the designs, stain them, and add a natural finish for long wear. I like to combine our made-by-hand beads with a mix of horn and pewter beads.

The extra long double drawstrings are tough woven cotton cord. Pull the drawstrings to cinch your pouch closed, then wrap the excess cords around the back of your pouch and single tie them in the front for an attractive and very secure closure.

These items ship in 3-5 business days.
Two Pouch Sizes: 4 x 7-inches and 6 x 9-inches

Allow 5-7 Business Days, Prepayment Required, Bead Designs Will Vary
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