Rosary Case, Prayer Bead Case
Protect Spiritual Beads in Hand Stitched Leather
by Oh!Boyd

Leather Rosary Cases, Prayer Bead Cases - Three Sizes
$32 - $45
Measure Before Ordering

Coil Your Beads Into a Round Disk - a Diameter of 2-inches, 3-inches, etc., then measure depth.

Case dimensions are flat pocket measurements, outside seam to seam. Don't forget to allow for the depth of your item. Also, please allow at least an additional 1/4-inch seam allowance at sides and bottom on the inside of your pouch.
Rosary, Prayer Bead Cases - Black Leather
Rosary, Prayer Bead Cases - Brown Leather
Rosary, Prayer Bead Cases - Tobacco Brown Leather
Rosary Case - Inside

Protection for Rosaries and other Prayer Beads
Sturdy Pocket Case - Hand Made to Last
Soft Leather Cases

In 3 Sizes - Choose Color
Strong Magnet Snap Stays Firmly Closed

These items ship in
1-3 business days.
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To carry your rosary or other prayer beads, these hand stitched cases offer great protection in your pocket or purse. This is an Oh!Boyd stitched-by-hand leather flap closure pouch with the addition of a smooth suede leather interior.

Sizes Available:
3 x 2-3/4-inches (Small)
3-1/2 x 3-1/4-inches (Medium)
4-1/4 x 4-1/4-inches (Large)
By "hand stitched" what I mean is that I do it the old way - I use my two hands, a needle, and very strong multi-strand nylon imitation sinew.
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