Deerskin Drawstring Necklace Pouch
Comfortable Matching Hand Braided Neck Cord
by Oh!Boyd

Hand stitched deerskin neck pouch on hand braided matching cord, designed for man or woman
In black or brown, in two sizes - a spiritual pouch for storing stones, prayers for physical, mental, and emotional healing.
Hand made to last with strong top quality deerskin leather. 4-strand round hand braided cord with antler button closure. "Bead Lock" is artisan copper enamel by C Coop. Stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.

Item #MBWP001
Designed for man or woman.
These items ship in
1-3 business days.

This Oh!Boyd deerskin pouch is hand stitched. The 30-inch matching deerskin neck cord is braided by hand and finished with an antler button clasp. Here is an art-to-wear "medicine bag" to hold your small items of spiritual significance - stones & prayers for physical, mental, and emotional healing.

For adventures of the heart and soul.
Inspirational necklace vessels for sacred stones and prayers

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The drawstring features a small copper enamel bead stop.
Pouch Size (open, flat): 2-1/2 x 3-inches or smaller 2 x 2-1/4-inches

Bead (CKoop) and button are USA artisan crafted.
This neck pouch is one of a particular Oh!Boyd series that was designed in honor of a magical friend I often refer to as "my wizard friend" because of his mystical strength - a power to make me laugh and think at the same time.

These items ship in 1-3 business days.
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