Leather Pouches
for Marbles, Bullets, More
Sit Flat Round Hand Stitched Bags

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These bags are especially useful for items that need to sit flat.
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Hand made to last with strong top quality cow leather. These bags are completely stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew.
Try these sit-flat leather bags for rocks and crystals.
You might need a marble bag.
An attractive tough pouch for large sums of gold.
Turn lip down to make an open dish for bullets or marbles in competitions.

Round Flat-Bottom Leather Pouches
Sit Flat Bags for Marbles or Bullets, Money, Rocks, Crystals, Small Electronics, Parts.

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The flat bottoms mean that they sit flat even when open, and bullets, marbles, etc. will not tumble. For shooting competitions, poker games, marble meets, turn down the collar (see pic) on your sit flat round pouch and create an open dish for easy access and display. The stiff base ensures that your pouch will remain upright.

Great in the car. Take them on hikes. Wear them on your belt. Hikers and campers add them to backpacks. Golfers tie them to their bags. You might like them to protect large stones and crystals. Or maybe you have a game and dice to store. Set your sit-flat pouch on your mantle or hang one on a picture frame or your bedpost. See? Useful and Attractive - Just Like You!

These sturdy pouches of strong soft genuine vegetable tanned cow leather are stitched by hand. They are meant to be used and will last a long time. Pull the double drawstrings to cinch your leather pouch closed. Then wrap the long tails around the back of the bag and single tie them in the front. A nice secure closure. The back top of the pouch is reinforced with an additional layer of leather to support the strong tying thong. The tying thong means you can wear or display your bag anywhere - even on you!

Two Sizes:
3-in. diameter x 6-1/2-in. tall
4-in. diameter x 5-in. tall
These items ship in 1-3 business days.
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