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Small Drawstring Pouches - Soft Strong Leather
Stitched by Hand - 6 Little Leather Bag Sizes
for Gift Packaging, Collections
by Oh!Boyd

Six sizes of small hand stitched leather pouches.
Select Color, Size
$15.00 - $27.00

These small leather bags come in three colors.
Tobacco color small leather bags.

Small Drawstring Pouches
Sturdy Leather Bags - Small Sizes

You might like to keep some little leather bags on hand for graduations, birthdays and holidays. Just add a bit of cash, a gold coin, or other small item along with your greeting to a very special and always useful gift bag. They make unique gift packaging and special gift presentation pouches.

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Tough cotton cord drawstring with brass beads and natural horn or bone beads.

Hang, display these useful and attractive little pouches anywhere, even on you! These are stitched by hand Oh!Boyd leather pouches that are made to last and meant to be used!

These smaller size pouches are made well from quality materials, so they are strong enough for heavier items like rocks and stones or coins, etc. Collectors like them for organizers to separate collections of gemstones, rocks, and coins.

The Strong Drawstring Closes Securely:
First, pull the drawstring to cinch your pouch tight, then push the central bead "lock" against the pouch for secure closure.

For extra support for the hanger (strong leather tying thong), an additional layer of leather has been added to the top back of each pouch.

Genuine Cow Leather - soft and strong

These items usually ship next business day.
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