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Tiny Pouch with Stars Necklace
A Stitched by Hand Memento Deerskin Pouch
A Symbolic Connection to the Stars Above
by Oh!Boyd

Tiny hand stitched memento pouch features pewter star beads.
Item #MBTNPWS001
Hand made to last with strong top quality deerskin leather and tough cotton cord. Suede lined case is stitched by hand with very strong multi-strand artificial nylon sinew. Artisan crafted pewter stars are lead free.

Artisan Crafted Lead Free Pewter Star Beads are Featured on an Oh!Boyd Memento Deerskin Pouch

"Connected to the Stars Above"
A Very Small, 1 x 1-1/2-inches Little Pouch (Outside Dimensions)

This little deerskin leather pouch is hand stitched, made to last - reinforced in all the right places. A Pewter Star with Cotton Cord "tails" form the Bead Button that secures through the sturdily stitched buttonhole of the pouch flap.

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30-inch Cotton Cord Necklace with two more matching Pewter Star Beads
The tying necklace cord can be worn at your preferred length.
Traditional tobacco color deerskin on brown cord

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